First post, here anyway

Just a quick post to my new blog location, Starting my own website has been a dream of mine pretty much since the day I learned HTML coding. I was a young lad, perusing How Stuff Works and discovered an article on HTML. I spent hours playing around with it, creating a local site on my computer. I doubt it looked very good, especially since the web was still created using tables and stuff like that. CSS coding was non existent. Still, I had fun and always dreamed creating a real, live site. I was able to do a couple of websites for other people…Youth & Government (which is no longer up, how’s that for a great recommendation for my design? :P) and for my dad’s architectural business.  A week ago, I decided to add my own personal site to that list. Web hosting is much cheaper now, and with an adventure in Ireland just around the corner for me, I figured it might add some fun ways to share my experience.

If you have followed my blog at, everything has been moved here. Yay for easy importing and exporting! I still technically have a blog there, but don’t plan to post there anymore. Come here for updates instead! Sorry for those of you who have subscriptions for that site, but you can subscribe here just as easily if you so desire. I anticipate doing the same kinds of rambling blog posts here, so don’t expect anything new.

As for the rest of the site, it will hopefully be housing my photography soon. I’ll post here when I get some kind of solution I’m happy with for sharing photos up, And expect many changes to the look and feel. I’m a tinkerer and love changing things, trying new things, and making things work better. I’d love suggestions too, so if you have any ideas please let me know! I also always love interacting with people, so get in touch anytime.


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