Blog & Websites Updates

I’ve been playing around with stuff in wordpress. I think you should now be able to easily subscribe to the RSS feed, or subscribe by email. Not that most readers will care, but I should be set now to automatically post on Facebook and Twitter when I publish a new post. You can do it easily at blogs, but on your own site it turns out you have to create an “application” on both Twitter and Facebook in order to do it. So a fun learning experience.

I also ditched my hand-coded CSS and HTML landing page. That was fun, but really wordpress does everything I need and with some tweaking works just fine. Plus I can easily make changes and write from any computer, rather than needed to use Dreamweaver.

I also am trying my hand at a bit of affiliate marketing. No, I do not wish to commercialize this site at all. Hopefully it might be a way of reducing the cost of running the site. Not that it is really that expensive to begin with. But, if you feel so inclined, follow this link to Amazon, and I’ll make a small commission based on anything you buy. I won’t know who buys what, nor would I really care to. I like linking to products anyway, something you may have seen me do, so all that will really change is that I will make a little money if someone decides to buy.

Affiliate marketing is apparently the hottest way to make money online right now. Don’t believe me? Google “affiliate marketing” and see what comes up. It’s wild. Apparently you can get rich quick. I have no ambitions of really even making money on it, figured it be fun to try. Crazy stuff. Not for me, I’ll be happy with any extra $$$ in my pocket, or with none at all really.

On the website todo list:

  • Continue tweaking theme and CSS; this still feels too blog-like for what I want to do
  • Re-set up my photography section. By changing to wordpress as my content management system, I need to set this up again. I’m going to use ZenPhoto
  • Reorganize my post categories. Check them out on the dropbox at the bottom of the page, they are a mess!
  • Start writing more. Hey that’s what this place is all about, right?
  • Tweak more.
  • I already have an idea for another website/category. But more on that later.

2 thoughts on “Blog & Websites Updates

  1. Just a note: your blogging header overlays your awesome ej logo. It kind of bugs me that is only halfway showing, especially since I like it so much.

    Please fix šŸ™‚ And let me know when you are free for a phone date before you fly out!


    • Thanks for the tip! I saw that too after I switched to a smaller screen šŸ˜¦ Need to figure out some solution…

      I’ll get in touch with you tomorrow to set up a phone date time!


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