Idea: history website?

So as you may know, my degree is in history, and I will be pursuing a MA in history. Safe to say, I like history! But I don’t always like the websites I come across on the internet about history. They are often aesthetically unappealing, and aren’t always that informative. So I think maybe I should start a “” section of this site, and publish some history.

What say you? Any ideas what should go on such a site?


2 thoughts on “Idea: history website?

  1. That’s a great idea! I agree with you about history websites. You should totally have timelines! I’ve always wanted to see how world history fits together. And maps! I like maps.


    • I’m with Laura on this one. Give us maps! Lots of maps! And maybe a few extra diagrams to illustrate key points at the battle of the Somme or the development of cinema. If you do that, I promise I’ll draw diagrams of my favorite books and dystopias!


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