Intro to Justice

Those who know me well also probably know that I am very interested in the topic of Justice. These days it is a popular topic, but my interest in it spans much further back. I can remember being a young child, and feeling my blood boil whenever we watched movies with any sort of injustice in them–even if it was entirely fictional. I have toyed at times with the idea of going to law school, again in the interest of pursuing justice. In college I discovered the International Justice Mission, a nonprofit organization that works to seek justice for those who do not have a voice around the world. My classes in history taught me about different injustices that have occured throughout history. In my spare time, I have read books and blogs on the subject, listened to sermons on it, and talked with friends about it.

In my blog here, I want to start exploring this subject a little more in writing. I believe the pursuit of Justice is something that is inherently Biblical in nature–and indeed is central to God’s character; yet is not well understood in our western society nor is it frequently talked about in Christian circles. Justice is a way of life as much as an action. As with all my blogging, writing about it here is really more about my own thought process than offering any new insights. I cannot for one minute pretent to have this all figured out and I fell like I have just barely scratched the surface on this issue in my own process of learning. If you are at all interested in the topic, I would highly recommend Timoth Keller’s book Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just. I have not found a book that better explains a Christian position of justice, how and why to purse it, as well as the potential pitfalls. I’ll hopefully be posting a review of it soon. You can listen to a sermon of Keller’s on justice here; he summarizes many of his key points that are in the book. Should you desire more sources, please feel free to contact me. If, for some odd reason, you enjoy reading my thoughts on it, you can follow it through the “Justice” category on this site.

The term Social Justice is one that has not always enjoyed a positive history, and rightfully might make some people uncomfortable. I hope that will not discourage you from investigating justice from a Biblical perspective. I hope too that it is clear this is not the only issue Christians should be concerned about. Social Justice gets a bad reputation in part because some Christians have chosen to work exclusively to seek social justice while ignoring biblical commands to share the Good News. I hope it is obvious that social justice should never forget or exclude God’s infinite grace, love, and mercy. I could and probably should start similar ongoing posts on those topics as well, particularly because I believe they all work together. You cannot seek justice if you forget love and mercy. Likewise, you cannot be concerned only with a person’s salvation, you must be concerned about their physical well being as well.

I’d love to tell you that I have found all the answers and that I understand this issue, but that would be a lie. My writing here is just a part of that journey. I am constantly tying to read and understand more about the subject, and suspect that I will draw from my readings to write in this category. I am also reading a “reading plan” through You Version which covers various verses on the topic in 40 days. Maybe I’ll share the interesting ones here. One more resource I hope to soon be utilizing is the CEV Poverty & Justice Bible, which I recently purchased. Check back here for more thoughts in the coming days.


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