Hello from Belfast!

I’m settling into life in Northern Ireland. Still getting over the jet lag, I think I have yet to sleep through the night! But I am enjoying being here.

I live on the second floor (3rd floor in American-speak) here at Lakeside. I have a lovely room, which I shall hopefully post pictures of soon, for those who are interested in such things. JBU students will arrive here on Tuesday. In the mean time, I’m unpacking and getting settled in.

Much as I did my first time in Ireland, I’m having trouble understanding people here. Beautiful as the Irish accent is, I just can’t understand it sometimes. It’s almost like learning another language, except you feel stupid because you should know it already. I smile and nod a lot. One of the things I like here is how polite everyone seems to be. Everyone thanks the bus driver, the attendants at the cash registers say “cheers,” and people are generally very friendly.

Shopping for basic items is different. I went into a “pharmacy” today, “Boots,” which though perhaps comparable with Walgreens, was an experience I can’t really relate well in words. Imagine Walgreen’s meeting an Apple store, with a touch of department store thrown in. It was two stories. I suppose some of the differences I am experience are not only caused by living in a different country, but also because I’m living in a city. It is nice seeing people walk everywhere, and take the bus, I’m rather enjoying that myself.

Tonight, I was met with this beautiful scene as I came to my computer. Suffice to say, I am enjoying life in Belfast so far.

A sunset view from the top floor of Lakeside Manor, across the backyard, and looking at a lake.


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