See the Lamb of God

I love discovering new music. This week I discovered Lou Fellingham, who I had never heard before. I’m sorry I haven’t. Some of her worship songs are simply fantastic.

I’ve found them very encouraging, and hope you will too. This is probably my favourite:


See the Lamb of God

Down into darkness His body had been laid
Lifeless and broken a sacrifice was made
What can be done when our hope is in the grave
Who will save us now?

He who had come, as the truth, the life the way
Nailed to a cross, God forsaken and betrayed,
But His blood spilled for all to redeem the world He made
Jesus saves us now

See the Lamb of God
Risen from the dead
Seated on the throne
His reign will never end
Hail him king of love
Jesus Christ the Lord
The champion of hearts
Who lives forevermore
Where everything cries Holy, Holy, Holy is our God

God shook the earth as His power was displayed
Death put to death as Jesus Christ was raised
God is alive and His Spirit lives in us
Halleluja Widgets


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