Research Methods 17.10.11 — Sources

So as you may have gathered, we have spent a considerable amount of time in the research methods class discussing sources, whether that be archives, library resources, and so on. Not that this is a bad thing, since that is what we as historians are suppose to do after all: look at sources. It does feel a little repetitive at times for someone who has a B.A. in history, but I still learn new bits here and there, and if nothing else, it is a good refresher.

This class was specifically split into strand sections, so I was with the ‘Culture, Politics, and Identity’ students, all of whom are studying Irish History. [1. Normally, there is also a Irish Women’s History strand, and an Irish Migration strand, but this year Irish History = the Culture, Politics, and Identity strand. Maybe I’ve mentioned this already?] Thus it was helpful to talk about specific sources for Irish history. We also all discussed possible dissertation topics, and that was fun to hear what the other students are thinking of researching. Have I talked about what I want to do? Hmm probably not. Sometime soon, in another post.

A great tip from this class: when you first start using a database search engine, search for something you know exists.

This is a part of my History at Queens series. I am writing on what I’m learning in my modules and as a part of my own research. Hope you enjoy!


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