Welcome 2013

I am rather overdue for a “happy new year” post, I realise. But it is at least still in the month of January, so I don’t think I’m too late. At any rate, I spent the first two weeks of 2013 battling some sort of flu or cold or general nastiness. I’m pleased to report I feel immensely better and have resumed normal activities, some of which will hopefully involve some news posts here in the coming days.


Truth be told, I probably have half a dozen or so ideas I’d like to write about. And I keep putting that off. So here’s to some writing!

Most readers probably know I moved back to the states in December after completing my masters degree at Queens’s. In my month or so back home, aside from my general battles with with viruses, I’ve also been catching up with family and friends, applying for jobs, and applying for doctoral program’s. More on those things some other time, perhaps.

I hope 2013 has been off to a better start than mine, dear readers, and I hope you find adventure in the year to come. Until the next post, au revoir!


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