social justice

The term social justice is one that has not always enjoyed a positive history, and rightfully might make some people uncomfortable. It is trendy right now in some circles and trendy isn’t always a good thing. I hope that will not discourage you from investigating justice from a Biblical perspective. I hope too that it is clear this is not the only issue Christians should be concerned about. Social Justice gets a bad reputation in part because some Christians have chosen to work exclusively to seek social justice while ignoring biblical commands to share the Good News. I hope it is obvious that social justice should never forget or exclude God’s infinite grace, love, and mercy. You cannot seek justice if you forget love and mercy. Likewise, you cannot be concerned only with a person’s salvation, you must also be concerned about their physical well being. There is certainly clear scriptural backing for the former and I believe there is equally good support in the Bible for the latter as well.

I’d love to tell you that I have found all the answers and that I understand this issue, but that would be a lie. My writing here is just a part of that journey. I am constantly tying to read and understand more about the subject. I encourage you, if you have not been exposed to the modern social justice movement, to check out some of the resources I have linked to. If you are interested in my background with social justice, I suggest you read my post “Intro to Justice” which my own journey a bit. My prayer is that God reveals his heart for justice to you.

Learn to do good;
seek justice,
correct oppression;
bring justice to the fatherless,
plead the widow’s cause.

Isaiah 1:17