April Update:

Well I’m due for an update on what’s been going on lately.

I’ve received a rather drawn out string of doctoral program rejection letters. My tally this year is 0 for 5, so it looks like the PhD track is waiting a little while. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as I picked some pretty competitive schools. One said that they had 500 applicants for 20 spaces. I know some of the schools were accepting less than 10 students. Not to mention most offered full funding, which is of course, quite a plus.

I’m disappointed  of course, but also somewhat relieved too. I was quite torn going into the process between wanting to go on with school and research, and also feeling ready for a break (and income). Plus a 5 to 6 year commitment for school felt, well, big.

My plan now is to work for the indefinite future. I’m sure doctoral program applications are in my future, but probably not for a few years. More school for me isn’t out it just isn’t yet. So I am now full fledged in the job market.

I’m getting very good at writing resumes and cover letters.