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As you may have read from reading a bit around here, this site is really just for fun. I’m not trying to get rich quick, make lots of money, or be some sort of commercial enterprise. That being said, it does cost me a bit to run, and I figured it might be fun to see if I can break even on that cost. I doubt I will and that’s ok by me. But if I can cut my cost some, that seems well worth it. I dislike sites with lots of ads, so I don’t plan on putting too many of those annoying things here (especially the flash popups that so many sites seem to have now. I thought pop up ads went with Internet 1.0…). So far I have some Barnes and Noble ads, which though I might be biased, I think are subtle. Or maybe I just like ads for books ūüôā

If you’d like to support my¬†endeavor¬†to make this site self-sufficient, you can do that simply by doing something you probably already are: shopping online. Anytime you follow the links on this blog and buy a product, I¬†receive¬†a small commission. Not bad, eh? Even better, I not only get¬†commission¬†from the product I link to, but anything else you buy.

I am also trying a few banner ads. I have mixed feelings about them. I promise, at least, to not post anything too obnoxious.

Right now I am an Amazon Affiliate, and a LinkShare Affiliate. All my affiliate marketing is through those two companies. Follow any of the links you see in posts or banners to shop, and they’ll send a small commission my way.

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